There are so many things which I love about GCB! I feel like the studio is a true family.  We all support each other and inspire each other to work harder.  It’s an amazing balance to be able to grow and improve on your own, but, then to put it together and enjoy the synergy of a team when we are all dancing in unison on stage!  Many of my close friends are from GCB, as we spend so much time together and have a common passion which we love!  From my first year as a mouse, to the dream of being Clara; I’ve loved every minute and cannot adequately convey my gratitude to the teachers and staff at Greenville Civic.  I cannot imagine my childhood to young adulthood without this vital life component; thank you for everything!  GCB is “en pointe!


Marissa Miller (Student)

When I met Kim Saad in the summer of 2009, I immediately knew that Greenville Civic Ballet was our dance home!  My daughters have been at GCB for seven years and the experience has been amazing.  Not only have they grown into beautiful dancers under highly talented instructors, they have grown in character.  My girls are confident, well adjusted, motivated, hardworking and determined due largely to their time at Greenville Civic Ballet.  They have made friendships and made memories that will last a lifetime!!


Ashley Lozner (Parent of Lexi and Laci)

“Greenville Civic Ballet was my first home for teaching dance. As a young graduate of East Carolina University’s School of Dance, I was still coming into my own as a choreographer. I instantly felt welcomed and encouraged professionally and creatively – and this promoted an environment conducive for some really inspiring teachable moments and the development of brave, strong and talented dancers! Kim, Cherita, and Anna were more than supervisor and co-workers. They were sisters in dance and I still reflect on memories that have become some of my most favorite in the world. Staying in touch with the girls who I had the pleasure of teaching through the years and watching them grow up and become well-rounded, respectable, driven young women, many of whom have gone on to pursue dance professionally, has given me residual satisfaction that I could not have anticipated while I was in the midst of my teaching years. Greenville Civic Ballet does more than instruct dance and perfect technique. It helps to nurture a disciplined, goal-oriented and rewarding way of life that the students will carry with them forever. Anyone who has ever taught or received instruction at GCB is touched forever, and I’m proud to be a part of that growing family! I miss you all!”


Courtney Hodges (Former Instructor and Guest Artist)